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I honestly believe that Forever is the greatest opportunity in the world.  I’m often asked what makes Forever different from other companies, and of course, our Aloe and our other great products is the obvious answer!  But in addition, there are many other things that help to make our Forever company great. 


At Forever, one core focus of ours is to be the best in the world at paying the highest bonuses to our Distributors!  At our Global Rally in London we were so excited to award our Chairman’s Bonus Qualifiers checks totaling over $22 million!  While we are extremely proud of that number.


Another thing that we work hard at each year is developing exciting new products, specifically the new product paks.  Clean 9, the new F.I.T. program, Vital 5 and En-Argi paks are a great way to introduce new people to your Forever business. 

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Welcome To Forever Living Products – Lagos Team

Since 2000, Forever Living Products Nigeria has continually delivered its twin promise of better health and financial freedom to millions of Nigerians, making it the foremost multilevel marketing Company in Nigeria. Our network of distributors is dedicated to bringing nature’s best health and beauty products closer to everyone. Our complete family of aloe drinks, nutrition,

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Our range of weight management products assists you in doing that and more