Supplements For Fertility in Men and Women


Supplements For Fertility in Men and Women

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Is there just one vitamin good for fertility? There is no magical pill or Vitamin for fertility but a combination of vitamins and minerals definitely have an impact on fertility. They are easy to take yet there are so many to choose from. How do you know which vitamins are good for fertility? How much do you take? Below are list of fertility supplements for both male and female. It comes in a GOLD PLAN

  1. For Premature Ovarian Failure – When will i carry my own baby
  • Argi+ – Aloe gel or nectar
  • Arctic Sea omega3
  • Vitolize (female)
  • B12 Plus/Royal jelly
  • Fields of Greens “fertility cleanser” (detox)

2. “Fertility Cleanser” (do the detox) followed immediately with

  • Berry nectar
  • Royal jelly
  • AbsorbentC/NatureMin
  • Arctic sea
  • Field of greens
  • Vitolize (Female)

3. Infertility in Men – Are you shooting Blanks ?

  • Royal jelly
  • Multi Maca
  • Vitolize(meal)
  • Nature/bee pollen
  • AbetacaE
  • Aloe berry nectar

4. Infertility in Women

  • Royal jelly
  • Vitolize (female)
  • Multi Maca
  • Promesteen power Aloe ver gel
  • B12 plus
  • AbetacarE
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